Benefits of WP Propeller

Here are just a few of the reasons our customers choose WP Propeller.

No Hosting Set Up

Our customers love the ability to start creating their website instantly, without having to deal with setting up and configuring hosting for their WordPress website. With WP Propeller, within seconds of starting your free trial, you’ll be in the WordPress admin panel and ready to start the creative process of designing your website. This gives you immediate creative freedom, but with the confidence that we have your back by providing you the fastest, highest quality WordPress hosting on the market: WP Engine.

No Security or Caching Configuration

If you’ve created a WordPress website before, you know that your technical set up doesn’t stop at setting up your hosting account and installing WordPress. There’s security to configure to keep the website safe from attacks. There’s speed enhancements to be implemented (caching) to ensure the website loads as quickly as possible. And what about a CDN? Our customers love WP Propeller because we’ve taken care of those things from the start. You can rest assured that not only will your website load as quickly as possible with our award winning hosting and CDN, but your website is as safe as possible with our built in security configurations. This is all automatic, and all part of WP Propeller.

No More Theme Hunting

We provide our customers with the Divi Theme Framework. Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes in the world, and for good reasons. Divi features an amazing Drag & Drop page builder that is extremely easy to use. No coding required! This makes it perfect for people who have never created a website before. But it doesn’t stop there. Divi is also extremely powerful too. So much so that it’s used by thousands of professional web designers around the world, which is why WordPress freelancers love WP Propeller! They have the ability to create gorgeous websites for their clients with the quality, simplicity, & affordability of the WP Propeller platform.

Premium Plugins at Your Fingertips

We’ve curated the best plugins (free and premium) and brought them onto the WP Propeller platform. We truly are an all-inclusive WordPress system! That means you no longer have to spend thousands of dollars purchasing licenses for the premium plugins that you or your clients need. In seconds, you can start building a beautiful website with the best plugins on the internet! Need a plugin we don’t have? No problem, we add plugins to our platform at our customer’s request. Just ask!

Unmatched Financial Savings 

Creating a WordPress website can get expensive very quickly. Yes, WordPress itself is free. But then you have to pay for hosting, which for a single website is an average of $15/month. Then you have to pay for a WordPress theme. There goes another $50 or more. Now plugins can jack up the price quicker than anything. But with WP Propeller, our all-inclusive WordPress system holds nothing back. We give you access to premium plugins, a premium theme framework, and premium hosting, all for less than a cup of coffee a week. And that’s not even including the savings from bulk upgrades for freelancers and agencies!

Premium WordPress Support

We take customer support seriously at WP Propeller. We understand that a digital product or service is worthless without the support to back it up. That’s why at WP Propeller, we offer 24/7 customer support. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we’re available to help you. Also, have we mentioned our incredible training videos? As a WP Propeller user, you’ll have access to the hundreds of hours of premium training videos to watch at your leisure. Everything from Divi Training videos, to General WordPress videos. We even teach you how to migrate an existing WordPress website to WP Propeller!

Try Free For 30 Days

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